He Cannot Deny Himself

Monday Musings

Please enjoy this new series. These devotionals are meant to be simple, yet weighty enough for you to muse (think) on all day long.

2 Timothy 2:13 If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself.

It is wonderful to know that the Lord Jesus Christ is faithful. His faithfulness goes farther than any of our human ability. The fact that Jesus cannot deny himself is a great example of the security that Christians have to spend life eternally with Him. The phrase “if we believe not” is not a reference to the unsaved, but to believers. Believers – who believe not? This isn’t making sense! Think about this: what if by some means (whether sickness or injury) you were to wake up in a hospital bed with no memory of who you were? You do not remember anything about Jesus, church, salvation or the Bible. You do not even know your own name and you have to learn everything all over again. That scenario is not far fetched; it has happened to people before, even Christians. If that Christian can remember nothing, would he have to get saved again? Absolutely not! When we are incapable of remembering when or if we got saved, Jesus remains faithful. He would have to deny the print of the nails in His hands to forget you, and He cannot do that. Your salvation is not dependent upon your ability to remember; it is dependent upon Jesus’ ability to save. The Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelation 20:15) has no erasers or correction tape! When he died on Calvary, He did so with you on His mind. He cannot forget about you. Remember that He abides faithful and cannot deny himself!



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