A Ross Family Update!

It’s been a crazy few months in the Ross household. Since we are in between ministries, we have had the opportunity to travel to a few different places. At the end of January through early February, we were able to go down to Union City, Tennessee, to see Felicia’s parents, and do some construction work at their church. Her father recently resigned his pastorate there and has now taken the Mt. Salem Baptist Church in West Union, West Virginia. After they made their move, we visited them from March 3-14 and helped them with the remodeling of their home there on the property of the Mt. Salem Revival Grounds. We had a great time and even got 10.5″ of snow dumped on us! (Many friends tried to call and write, but it was of no use: there is little cell phone signal up in the mountains. We would run into town, and our phones would suddenly notify us of many messages. (How did we ever live without these things?) We are back home in Indiana now, and we are preparing for another trip. It is one that I have always wanted to make with the family. We will be driving up to Spokane, Washington, to spend some time with my parents. We leave bright and early Monday morning for 3 days worth of driving! Please keep us in your prayers that the drive will be uneventful and that we won’t have any problems with our reservations or vehicle arrangements.


Many have asked about my search for a church to pastor. In the last few weeks, I have submitted resumes to multiple ministries. I have received correspondence from some of them, as well as questionnaires. Nothing is for sure yet; please continue to keep us in your prayers. God has been good to us, and all of our needs have been met thus far. If a church does not open soon, however, I will probably have to look for temporary employment.


Below, I have included some pictures from our recent travels. They include a kitchen island for my in-laws’ house, the snowstorm that welcomed us to West Virginia, the Mt. Salem Revival Grounds, and some pics of the kids. Please enjoy! If you haven’t registered to receive the update emails please click here. It is a big encouragement to me when you do!


Hello from us all,


Michael, Felicia, and the kids

Galatians 2:20

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