Does The Holy Spirit Speak?

Monday Musings

Romans 8:16 The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God

The “Comforter” is not only a title but also one of the roles that the Holy Spirit performs for Christians. (John 16:7) To know that He dwells inside each and everyone of God’s children is a great comfort to the believer. We are His children and often need comfort, sometimes because of situations that are through no fault of our own. Other times, we need comfort because, like children, we do wrong and experience the chastening hand of God. Choices in life can be difficult as well. Sometimes, two paths are valid. We may not have peace about the direction to go, but a choice must be made. Often times, God brings peace after the decision. Why? The Holy Spirit is a comforter. How does he comfort someone? He does this by bearing witness. The word “witness” means “to have knowledge of an event from personal observation or experience.” That means that the job of the Holy Spirit is to testify of an event that He has personally observed. According to John 3:5-8 you were “born of the Spirit.” The Holy Spirit was there when you got saved! He not only observed it but was part of the experience. If you ever struggle with your salvation, ask yourself, “Do I have the witness of the Holy Spirit inside me?” Only two people know without a doubt if you are saved – you and the Holy Spirit. If you have doubts, then go to the One who was there and ask Him to bear witness to your spirit of that event. Think about this: I know of a preacher who became very sick; and when he awoke in the hospital he knew nothing. His memory was gone. Many years later, after his recovery, he was asked how he knew that he was saved. His response, “Romans 8:16, the Holy Spirit of God has told me so.” Many record the date of salvation in their Bible, and when doubt comes they think on that date or event. If you have no such date or day, go to the Holy Spirit and ask him. It is His job to bear “witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.”

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