Ross Family Update # 2

Lots of things have been happening in the Ross family over the last couple of months. It has been an emotional rollercoaster, both exciting and depressing at the same time. We take comfort in the knowledge that God is in control of everything, even our own lives. He has watched over and taken care of us these last 5 months both physically and spiritually. Last month, I was out in my yard mowing the overgrown lawn. (We had been out in Washington state for three weeks. Who knew it would grow so tall in April?) I looked up to Heaven and said, “Lord, I am going to need some money- more bills are coming due soon.” When the mail was delivered that day, we received a card with a check for enough to pay the power bill! Hallelujah!!  THAT’S.   MY.   GOD!

We had a great time out in Washington state with my Dad and Mom. The kids loved hanging out with them, Aunt Amanda, and their cousins. We had all sorts of fun. The weather was beautiful, and I hated to leave. I really got to relax there. I was privileged to preach one Sunday morning at my parents’ church as the Pastor was out of town. My old highschool friend Mike Brown came and brought with him his brother and sister and their kids. My aunt and uncle and my cousin Joe came as well. There were about 23 of my family and friends in attendance to hear me preach! It was amazing to see, and the preaching was well received. On the way back from Washington, I was invited to preach at the North Platte Baptist Church in North Platte, Nebraska, on a Wednesday night. Pastor Bill Reeves and his church were a great blessing to us. It was nice to make new friends. I hope to return one day and preach for him again (if he will have me! ☺)

Many folks have asked about my search for a church to pastor. Because nothing is final yet, I ask for your continued prayers. I will be candidating at the Madison Street Baptist Church ( in Athens, AL, this Sunday! They are holding an all church fellowship Saturday night, and then I will preach in Sunday School, AM, & PM services. They will vote on whether or not to accept me as their pastor two weeks later, on June 7th. Nothing will be final until the vote comes in!! We see great potential in the church there. The people are wonderful with a sweet spirit and desire to see God do great things through them. We are excited about the possibility of serving there!

*Update as of June 7th – after nine months of communication, prayer, and interviews the vote was not in our favor. Please continue for the Lord’s direction for both us and the church.

On May 31st, I will be filling the pulpit for my friend Pastor Don Hadley of the Harvest Baptist Church in North Vernon, IN, so that he can have some time off for a vacation. I first met Bro. Hadley when he brought a group of kids over to my Back-2-School Youth Conference that I held while I served as the Youth Pastor at Tabernacle in Martinsville. The next weekend, we will be driving over to Felicia’s parents at the Mt. Salem Revival Grounds outside of West Union, West Virginia, to spend the weekend celebrating the church & camp’s 40th Anniversary.

As I look back on these past five months, I realize that the only way the Ross family could be in evangelism is if we had a full sized 15 passenger van! Our little van is packed out with all of our luggage and the seven of us, especially when we also pack school work for the older kids!

Below, I have included some pictures from our recent travels. Included are pics of my Dad, Mom, Sister and the kids, my hometown of Chewelah, WA, and lastly a few pics of Madison Street Baptist Church in Athens, AL. Please enjoy! If you haven’t registered to receive the update emails please click here. It is a big encouragement to me when you do!

Hello from us all,

Michael, Felicia, and the kids
Galatians 2:20

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