No Vision

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

Vision is the act of seeing something, either real or imagined. What ever we see, whether tangible or immaterial, must be viewed through the looking glass of God’s truth. If we fail to do that, we will perish. The Word of God must be our illumination, and it must guide us. Happiness can only be achieved when we view things the way God intended us to view them. The question, then, is how do we view things in life? Do we assume that our education, history, culture, background, friendships, jobs, habits, acquaintances, thoughts, temperaments, dreams, and that our vision is acceptable to God? These things are not necessarily wrong, but we must constantly be evaluating ourselves and everything that makes us who we are with what God’s Word says. If there are any discrepancies, we must bring them into alignment with the Word of God! Think about this: What prompted you to go to sleep last night? Was it a conscious awareness that sleep was needed so that you could get up and spend time with the Lord in the morning? Why was your alarm set for the time you set it? Did you allot time for Bible reading and prayer. Did you acknowledge God at all this morning? The Bible tells us we should! Do people only know you’re a Christian because your vehicle is missing from your driveway on Sundays and Wednesdays? Do you actively pursue those around you with the gospel? Do you bring up the subject of Jesus whenever you can? We should have Biblically based vision of ourselves and our duty to the world around us. If you are going to be in the world but not of the world, you can never fully separate yourselves from the wickedness of man. Isolation is not the answer. Character is the answer. Bible based character comes from viewing yourself, other people, circumstances, and life in general from God’s perspective. What kind of vision do you have? Where do you see yourself? Is your vision internal on yourself or can you put your vision outside of yourself and see what God can accomplish through you? Be encouraged to do some self-reflection about how you interact with the world. Is your vision set by God? Is it for Him to use you as he sees fit? What area in your life has the Holy Spirit spoken to you about in your heart that needs to change? That is probably a good place to start!

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